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New to the esafety arena, eSafely is offering a browser add-on based parental control tool that aims to “Keep you safe where your web filter doesn’t”. Women accuse famous Brazil spiritual ‘healer’ of sex abuse. This page may also have third-party advertisements present in which the company generates revenue per click and per commission.

Kids don’t need to be looking for it, and it isn’t enough that they your edafely is blocking sites like sex.

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Month One of El Chapo trial. With eSafely enabled, when a site identified as hosting adult content is accessed, the page loads with the images replaced with images more suitable for your little monkey. When you arrive at eSafely’s home page or one of our feature pages, click on the download button to start the installation process. Whenever We Publish New Article. Uninstall the unwanted software as selected by clicking the Run Uninstaller button.


Our techs will kindly assist you with any problems. Your installation is now complete. Protects your child against threat of cyber bullying by replacing harassing messages with friendly icons in Facebook Chat. Searching online is the main part of your kids online activity, many times they require some text and images and videos for their project work and instead of working on esfaely project they start searching and engaging themselves in the sites which is not safe for them.


Web Spam What is chicago-daily-newsoo. You may also download eeafely directly to be manually run here. To view installation instructions, select your browser from the options below —. To choose another location, click on the ‘Browse Your email address will exafely be published.

You may need to enable the add-on for use once your browser has re-launched.

eSafely – Chrome Web Store

January 25, at 1: It is enough that they are friends with someone on Facebook who happens to have liked a couple of adult-oriented pages, and all of a sudden they will start getting Like Page suggestions and Friend suggestions that are inappropriate.

A pop-up in the top left corner of the browser will confirm that add-on has successfully installed.

Mukwege saviour to dozens of ‘little sisters’ raped in DRC village. Kid Safe Images Neutralizes the risk of your child accidentally browsing to an adult site! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.



Our Kid Safe Features keep your child safe online where other solutions fail. Click ‘Finish’ to close the installer and re-launch your browser. With features focused on delivering enhanced protection for kids while using popular web resources FacebookYoutubeWikipedia and Web Searchthe product attempts to fill the holes in protection commonly felt by typical URL-blocking parental controls that are unable to deal with the dynamic web content typically available in eesafely most popular web portals.

Click ‘Yes’ to continue with the installation.

Click on ‘Install’ to proceed. And, delivered results have passed through the real-time inspection and filtering process that eSafely uses. Click ‘Next’ to continue. Now days children going online more on the internet for project to social network and entertainment.

Click ‘Allow’ for immediate installation. Once eSafely malware is installed, the unwanted program will change internet browser settings including the default, managed, and provided search engine without user consent in order to redirect users to sponsored search engines such as search.