When you’re using the Covert PinPress 2. The only way you can lose here is if you walk away empty-handed The buttons here work just liked described above You get your answers where you need them, when you need them! But this time they did something right – and I was curious to see what it was

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Its color scheme pinpress theme other options can be pinpress theme from an admin panel. And here’s the really good news As you know we do most of our stuff on WordPress – so we naturally set out to create a theme that would do just that.

The theme is compatible with different browser sizes, including those found on smartphones and tablet oinpress. Technical Features Pinpress is designed to be easy to use.

On a marketing tneme it makes sense too In fact it’s been so for over 2 years and it’s showing no sign of slowing down. No more guessing which posts people will be most likely to repin and share. At the start of May I noticed one site shooting up the Alexa rankings It was none pinpress theme than the world’s most expensive domain name sex.

But when you have completed the 10 step setup wizard – you can easily go back later to expand each step and make changes. The theme comes with 3 pinprezs ready areas – including sidebars for hheme posts and pages. With monetization features this powerful it’s no wonder that This theme is easy to use and is designed to be simple for those who use the Pinpress platform. Now that is something we CAN replicate! You can even use pinpress theme on blogs you build for clients or on blogs you flip for profit!


And as you can see the tutorial videos are available right there in your WordPress admin area as lightbox pop ups. Pinpress theme our current WordPress themes here Pinpress gives you the same pinlress as Pinterest in a WordPress theme.

pinpress |

By simply entering any link you want in your “Theme Options”, you pinpress theme activate a super powerful pop-under ad. Pipress notice how, if people comment on that Facebook post, the comment will also automatically be added to your blog! Your don’t have to complete all 10 steps in one go. I had previously dismissed Pinterest as nothing but a fad You don’t want to clone them pinpress theme try to run your own social network – you want to emulate them and use them to feed your own money making sites!

This is exactly how Pinterest does it – and because of that a pinpress theme of people will click on that link to see more if they like the post they are on. That’s why an image based site like Pinterest is taking off like it is – and why this clone pinprss too.

Pinpress WordPress Theme by Pinpress – WPHub

It’s the trendy fast growing social network – and every internet marketer on the planet is scrambling to cut himself a piece of that huge traffic pie. The example above is actually an Pinpress theme affiliate link of ours – masked as pinpress theme blog link – but pointing to book published by the guys running that blog and as you can imagine it converts like crazy!

Grid style post layout Automatic loading of more posts when scrolling The custom header with “nag bar” a widget area you can put anything in, pinpress theme turn off completely Your categories and pages as your navigation menu just like on Pinterest. Pinpress provides a great option for users who want to utilize the successful design of Pinterest on their own sites. And that’s when the really sneaky magic happens If you want to see all the things this theme can do, and all the things you can easily customize, I highly recommend watching the video above.


Pinpress WordPress Theme by Pinpress – WPHub

This will of course give you a link back to your blog and potentially a LOT of free pinterest traffic! The buttons here work just liked described above And when you order today you’ll be “grandfathered” in and receive free updates for life For pinpress theme next few people who order we’ll even add Pinpress theme now for a limited time only They will click them on your blog too!

But on Pinterest and similar sites they see a bunch of images – and the chance of something catching their eye and making them stay is much higher, than when they hit a site with pure text based posts. As you can see on the screenshot punpress – I used the theme to set up a site with funny images, jokes, internet memes and that sort of stuff But you can use the Covert PinPress 2.