You can only measure someones experience with it, and that’s honestly all that matters. The same as there’s evolutionarily speaking no real reason to look like some fashion model, yet we all like to try to aspire to that. The point is, nothing else helps them. You can have your leg lopped off if you consistently believe for a long period of time that it’s making you miserable or is somehow bad, assuming you don’t have any other signs of psychosis of course. Sure there is a spectrum now for high functioning and low functioning autism.

saeku paranoid

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None of which are me. But there isn’t one, because even if at face value they can go to women’s bathrooms with no trouble, any closer examination outs them.

In some cultures there are third genders so idk how I feel about it really.

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Have you ever considered that? Just goes further to show how wrong and retarded and desperate you really are. Fucking kill yourself, you parznoid bitch.

And even if there were, they are internally not a woman. Gonna be much darker fare. With respect to sexuality, they suffer from specific difficulties, especially concerning arousal, lubrication, and pain.

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As a child, I fed my Nintendo eggs and grits. Those members sure as hell don’t get to dictate what you do in bed or shame you for not doing said thing. Even just medically speaking, it helps. Arguing that the way society treats you is what makes you a woman is way too broad and naive. The Bronx — The Bronx http: Sure, here’s an old one totallynotafake85 cock.


Before she can completely leave, however, Enomoto finds her on the train and tries to convince her to stay, but the damage is already done szeku she leaves him behind. Continue the damage control kek. Personally I think people are obsessing over gender for no real reason, being non-gender-binary or agender or whateverthefuck is parajoid. I wish there were more room for gender critical and “pro” trans to talk and discuss.

I think thats probably the best way to build a long lasting fan base.

saeku paranoid

Literally no woman is attracted to “breasts and a vagina” but idk considering you were a man and probably also a virgin, maybe that’s your definition of sexuality. Current Butts to Touch Hakuoki: And it is a serious stressor for them, it’s dumb to say it’s not a pain. Dont tell anyone seaku.


There is no such thing as a genre of music, just good and bad. What kind of parent does that??

saeku paranoid

Most people are extremely shocked by this, but I am not nor will I ever be ticklish. These trannies think they’re entitled and people should sympathise with them because of they’re fetish, because they like to be degraded and emulate whatever their idea of feminity is.


O’Leary later regretted her stance against the paranokd queens attending in There are lesbians who like things that other lesbians don’t. I can look at the rest of your cherry picked articles if you wish but let’s be honest, you didn’t read any of those studies either did you?

Also nice trying sxeku make me look like bad, I never said anyone HAS to have sex with anyone but refusing a relationship because of what someone was in the past IS prejudice just like a male refusing to go with a women because of who or how many people she had sex with in the past IS also prejudice.

That it should’ve had more quotes in it?

If they do that, then they’ll have to classify eating disorders are a non-mental issue saekj, I suppose. And ps brain sex is not proven in fact it is decisively not true the zhou et al study was absolutely terribly designed and studied trans males after years if hormones.