Winamp is also much easier to customize, thanks to hundreds of skins, visualizations or various and varied plugins. Dear Winamp fans, As you might have heard, Winamp recently changed ownership. If not, then go to: Here Basically all of the right click functions in the playlist screen are borked. Originally posted by jph6t Quote:. Steve Darken How do we reproduce this crash? Find More Posts by SignOff.

winamp 5.531

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Hopefully, we’ll eventually update all the ml buttons to follow that same behaviour, but it’s probably quite a big job Media player that can handle audio CDs, MP3, and streaming audio broadcasts.

winamp 5.531

MusicID tab won’t appear The English suffix -logy denotes a field of study or academic discipline. The software offers the possibility to retrieve information about a song or an album cover on the Internet. Find More Posts by martin.

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It is always capable of reading a plurality of audio and video formats. I am sorry for the confusion. I did not notice this in the betas. Chances are that maybe one or more of the plugins in the EP are no longer compatible with 5.


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If you choose to install it, do so at your own risk. Find More Posts by SignOff.

winamp 5.531

New offline CD Info Editor This uses the winammp dialog as the universal File Info Editor for mp3, aac, ogg, flac, m4a, wmaso please do not report things like “The ‘Format Info’ section is empty” as bugs.

Please attach your List Of Plugins The 5. It has an extremely customizable media library, and allows you to rip and burn your favorite music CDs. You’re not trying to run Winamp in XP compatibility mode, maybe? DJ Egg, Excuse my stupidity. Can anyone else replicate this behavior? Originally posted by Juanus Yeah, actually your first issue was reported earlier in the thread, but not explained very well.

The appearance of the interface is fully customizable with classic skins or with modern versions.

Last edited by Steve Darken; 28th March at Everytime I start Winamp, crash at startup. The problem with installing skins is a Vista-specific ‘permissions’ issue.

winamp 5.531

Seems to be fixed in 5. And Egg was looking to see if there would be a fixed playlist plugin.

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Been waiting for this since Bento was introduced. Vista thumnbails You need to be using the Aero theme in Vista, which shows thumbnails when you mouseover the items in the Windows Taskbar Page 1 of 4. Total time display of selected tracks in Classic playlist 5. Added Russian lang pack author to credits Disabled custom cursors in html pages on Vista Fixed Bento browser unicode character search Fixed broken accelerator keys in modern winshade pledit Fixed Lite installer added missing nde.


The pioneer mp3 players continues to be of great interest for several reasons. The screen shot in my above post is still valid, but unimportant in the grand scheme. Cheers and thanks again. I reproduced the problem multiple times, but a reboot did the trick.

For some reason Winamp 5.

It also plays streamed video and audio contentboth live and recorded, authored worldwide. Though I’m not rightly sure at the moment