We do not pre-announce new release dates. The plugin can be used with Absoft-compatible versions of W interacter 7. The command window does not normally appear, when the project executable is invoked outside of AbsoftTools. Even if your DOS program handled this via a configuration file edited externally, it’s a good idea to hide it behind a dialog allowing the user to edit the contents. This will probably translate across to the new version almost unchanged, but it’s worth using as many of the standard Windows menu items as you reasonably can.


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An Educational licence can be upgraded to a full commercial licence for the difference in cost plus the currently applicable one-off upgrade fee.

Winteracter – AbsoftTools Plugin

Between new releases, we periodically make minor bug fix updates available. This allows you to design and edit your main user interface components without writing a single line of code. Absoft Pro Fortran The Linux version is based on X Windows and the Motif toolkit.

News Archive This page provides an archive of previous W interacter product announcements: In particular W interacter is designed to be “compiler neutral”, so its functionality is virtually identical on any given platform, regardless of which Fortran compiler it is used with.

Programs for Programmers

The X Windows version winterscter also been ported to the Mac. You can actually read a typical W interacter program and get a pretty good idea of what’s going on, without having used the product or written the program.


Customers who purchase a new licence or upgrade immediately prior to a new release will normally be entitled to a free upgrade to the new version.

Newer Fortran standards include the whole of Fortran 77 wlnteracter a subset. Qualification for free updates from Qualification for free upgrades is based on the date of shipment from I. Selecting Build should then automatically locate all the files required to compile W interacter -based Fortran source code and resource scripts.

We do not pre-announce new release dates. So, you want to be a Windows programmer? W interacter includes all visual tools and hardcopy export drivers as wintrracter.


We recommend W interacter for new development. It might be worth your while writing an interface layer which contains a set of routines with your old library routine names calling the corresponding Winteracter routines, or it might be tidier for the future if you just replace the calls. W interacter makes use of resource files which define dialog and menu layout. It consists of various visual development tools and a substantial subroutine library.


Your customers love it, but have loads of suggestions for improvements. Availability of new versions is always announced on this web site, on the day of release.

W interacter allows you to load and unload dialogs, etc as needed. How are bug fixes provided? The first thing you realise is that Winteracter requires you to use Fortran Fire up the resource editor which comes with Winteracter and input your menu items. Does W interacter support the old CalComp interface?


Invocation of the bit compiler on bit Windows has been reworked to avoid an unwelcome “remark” which the compiler otherwise generates on every compilation. This relies on the “X11” or “XQuartz” X server.

As an added bonus the emulation also supports a substantial subset of Lahey’s add-on Graphoria product. This fails to understand how resources work.

If your graphics and slow computation are intermingled you do have a problem – recomputing every time the window needs to be redrawn is not a good idea and will seriously annoy your users. If so, bring that in first.


Won’t W interacter programs use up all my Windows resources? It may be no quicker or easier, but it looks good and users like it, and if you put consistency checks in it can be rather more friendly.