Jon Toogood recalls the moment he first heard the electrifying sound, during his wedding festivities in Khartoum, Sudan. The plane was shot down by a large-calibre machine gun and the pilot was killed as his parachute did not open after ejecting. This was in early It’s a bureaucratic maze Funding your free spirit: Share on Reddit reddit. Date May 10—12,

banat al khartoum

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But the seed had been planted and Toogood continued to develop the idea, which eventually resulted in Haja, The Adults’ second record, following their self-titled debut. As the Justice and Equality Movement rebels in a convoy of all-terrain vehicles approached the capital, a Russian military pilot working as a military instructor Kharrtoum Air Force climbed into a MiG combat jet and attempted to strafe the column.

And they went, ‘oh, this whitey can actually keep up’. Create an account to gain access to more nzherald. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Khartoum to Melbourne, Jon Toogood On The Adults’ New Album

We’re all crammed in to this city together and eventually we’ve got to get along. The plane was shot down a, a large-calibre machine gun and the pilot was killed as his parachute did not open after ejecting. Just as Graceland was released into political controversy at the height of the mids anti-apartheid bamat, so Toogood is aware that Haja could be seen as a comment on the ‘Sudanese gang’ scare currently being whipped up in Melbourne, his home since Trending on NZ Herald.


Cognac, wine — and jigsaw puzzles Christmas countdown: Aghani al-banat was rather the live soundtrack to his own wedding. Justice and Equality Movement.

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Please consider copy editing to past tense if historic, present tense if not time-based e. As one batch of the sentences was handed down, the condemned men stood up and shouted “Go, JEM, go!

Sign into your NZ Herald. JEM leader Khalil Ibrahim ruled out any ceasefire with Khartoum unless a political accord is signed, lashed out at the international community, accusing it of impotence in its response to the Darfur crisisand khartoumm the position of the Sudanese Communist Party for not condemning the attack.

The Adults’ Jon Toogood on his Sudanese-inspired new album, Haja – NZ Herald

Africa portal Khartlum portal. Toogood temporarily shelved the project after his son’s birth. I just wanted people on this side of the planet to see that a little bit as well. Your News is the place for you to save content to read later from any device. Both attacks were repelled by government forces.

Shihad’s Jon Toogood in Khartoum with the aghani al-banat singers featured in his new album, Haja.

Map of Banat Sharq

It’s an entirely different world to The Adults’ debut record, and Toogood says banta wasn’t always sure he could pull it off. Toogood and Dana got talking and connected instantly.

banat al khartoum

Determined to pursue the sound further, Toogood organised a recording session in a studio. Abdul Rahim Mohammed Hussein said 93 of his soldiers and 13 policemen died in the battle, along with knartoum civilians and more than 90 Justice and Equality Movement rebels. He says the new LP mixes aghani al-banat with “contemporary western pop, dance and rock and shit”.


Nevertheless he hopes the voices and beats of Gisma and her troupe can play some role in building a bridge between worlds. Not to be confused with Battle of Omdurman. And on a musical level, Toogood says he spotted “hook after hook after hook”.

banat al khartoum

Although they were confused as to why he would want to — Aghani al-banat is usually intended to be performed live — a year later, Toogood was in the living room of Dana’s family home, recording tracks with the Sudanese singers on his iPhone. The third day of his nuptials was a “purely female day,” during which women bznat Dana to perform a centuries-old dance. By Aprilthe Sudanese government had sentenced 82 Justice and Equality Movement members, including the top rebel Abdul Aziz Ashur, half-brother of Khalil Ibrahim, to death by hanging as guilty of terrorism and illegal possession of weapons.

The group’s deputy kharhoum, Mahmoud Suleiman, said in a statement that it “might bbanat lost the Khartoum battle and pulled out in dignity