Brawl Moderator posts. Game maker and I have to revert to 8. AlexM , Aug 13, Martin – Over a year ago Hi Terrence — glad you got it figured out! I have contacted Jeff and he has indicated that he requires no credit or compensation for utilizing his script in this way. This is a possible fix for your error as atm your model may contain some bad polygons which are creating errors in Game maker.


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Will write a quick converter for the models. No, create an account now. Format The desired output format of the model. The depth handler handles the lights below it, if the light is handled it will be removed from the list so other handlers will not process it.

You say your model was made in AC3D. LOL, just gmmodelfi it out!

3d model issues | GameMaker Community

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Each 3d light has hmmodelfix Z value, range, light color, light power and drop off value, the cone have a direction and a cone angle factor. All of that crap I was trying to figure out and that was the key.



Quote Hey i saw that engine! You will need to change the extension to. Share This Page Tweet. Tried to export and what do you know: EdOct 16, The power and the dropoff values will affect how far a light will cast within that range The sprite light is not a gmmodeofix light.


Is there an example on topview 3d? Quote WaddleSplash on Oct 91: GMS2 I tested on gms2 I thought it was not working because the darn room0 that is now included in a new project was, well, giving me a black screen lol The problem with that code is, gmmodelcix only does square objects, and it doesnt require Z variable. EdOct 14, When you talked about the model being gmmodflfix Pixels wide you could add scaling to increase the size of it.

By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Depending on which model format you chose, there will be different ways to get your exported model into GameMaker at this point.

Dax – Over a year ago In addition to selecting say My Documents as a location to save to, fill in the box below with your own filename Reply. In other words, I can disable the light, but it won’t magically enable some other light to take gmmodeofix place, rather simply sacrifice the one light.


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Do I need some sort of extra file like a UV Map? Yes, my password is: Came back on to ask about that. Just load up the image into GameMaker and open it in the built-in editor.


Apr 22, Posts: No problem, support has been fine, and customization should be somewhat doable even without support the way you coded the thing in the first place.

Notes on Sprited Lights: Erdrick The Hero – Over a year ago Nevermind, the problem has been solved.

As it is with everything a right balance has to be achieved with the view size, room size and number of rendered lights and instances With this asset I offer access to my slack tutoring group for private support, simply email me to gmmodepfix you up. Martin — Thanks for the script! MFGG is a non-profit site.