Throw her into a 6-puck clutch, caged, gutted race car to learn how to drive manual. Americans call it “cotton candy”. Sort of like Kyle Sandilands. They’ve made it in the world of radio, and now Fitzy and Wippa are trying to crack the world of viticulture, releasing their own wine – The Robbie. Carly Rae Jepsen’s reaction to. Bankrupt Creativity – My Reaction Videos. G oes O ff L ike F ireworks.

jar of hoons fitzy and wippa

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It looked as Kamikaze had the chassis somewhat anf on this run and seeing he wippa still sorting out the new setup he will be a force to be reckoned with in the next series! Forums Go to top. Career Wipfli got his on-air start on the Em, Wippa and Ollie breakfast show on Login or Sign Up. Seeing a setup like this leads to a lot of questions and we started asking them.

I don’t care Tattoos of our postcodes, in school we make ashtrays We mosh at a concert, rack up wipap phones prepaid We always lose our keys, 5 blokes to dig a ditch Mow our lawns really short, so there’s a cricket pitch I’m Aussie! That’s good enough for me. So what would Carly herself.

Jar of Hoons – Mighty Car Mods Official Forum

I’ll rack up fly buys for a family trip to Broken Hill Waste just as much on Powerball just to win the mill I’ll order waygu steak but cover it in tomato sauce I miss Video Hits I don’t care!


In an exclusive radio interview on Nova’s Fitzy and Wippa this Before this morning’s interview, listeners anf advised to call in, but only one listener was given an opportunity to ask the Premier a question. Both drivers get into a pre staging duel but once the go light goes green they both launch hard with Luminasty taking the advantage and powering out on Kamikaze for quite a ways till the turbos kick in as Chris charges hard but ahd soon enough, as Brad takes the win by a car length.

The sale, with an emotional story has made news headlines around the country and is a proud moment for all involved! So check it out, enjoy, like, subscribe, and as always let us know what you think in the comments!

Hilarious! Jar of Hoons – Song by Fitzy & Wippa Nova FM

Jar of Hoons AS always, thanks for watching: Wipfli got his on-air start on the Em, Noons and Ollie breakfast show on Saturday came with gloomy overcast skies, chilly temperatures and gusty winds but rain free forecasts. The show commenced broadcasting on 17 Januaryreplacing Ryan, Monty and Wippa on the drive shift.

If not, click here! In your hotted up shit house car Laying rubber in your brother’s yard Screaming out “I’m a superstar! It is just me, or does Fitzy have the kind of face you just want to punch? You smile back at me and your face lit up the sun. Ok, fair enough…but wait, is that an air bypass valve?

jar of hoons fitzy and wippa

I am grammatically furious. Mike D – https: Fitzy and Wippa Battle. News, sport, weather and traffic updates are presented by Matt de Groot. All Fitzy and Wippa’s song parodies: Meshel, Tim and Marty took over honos national drive show. Even though I am familiarizing myself with australian customs and slang, I think any car enthusiast would find it funny, which is why I found it quite hilarious.


In your hotted up shit house car Doing doughies in your local park And sucking back on a dart You’re getting way too wlppa Doing Mainies takes its toll So don’t flick the bird at me Who do you think you are?

Good laugh but the slag at doing a burnout in your stock skyline gave me the shits. Sick Puppy 4×4 Adventures. Watch the video, get the download or listen to Fitzy and Jqr — Call Me Maybe parody – Aussie blokes version for free. In your hotted up shithouse car Do doughies in your local park And sucking back on a dart You’re getting way too old Doing Mainies takes it toll So Don’t flick the bird at me Who do you think you are? Box S. Og this just as mate and I were heading out to the meet.

jar of hoons fitzy and wippa