EJBHome interface specifies certain common methods. The previously listed code snippets contain very minimal additional code to indicate that you are dealing with remote objects and not local objects. Jeff Clark added it Mar 12, Michael Long rated it really liked it Dec 30, Data confidentiality prevents a person from beginning to decipher the data while in transit. Having discussed the HTTP-based alternative for client-server communication, let us go back to the requirements for the programming model.

professional java server programming allamaraju

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Professional Java Server Programming J2EE 1. | Mohammad Aurangzaib Mughal –

Session via a token. Subrahmanyam Allamaraju Java Server Programming: This is a high-level transaction API for Java server-side applications; it is the model used for transaction processing in J2EE applications. The publish and subscribe approach differs from message queuing approach in the following ways: The communication is connectionful.

Execute logic available with a different application. Some vendors provide tools, which you can use to do this mapping. This was fueled partly by various business and technical developments related to e-commerce.

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We have discussed the following programming requirements thus far: The purpose of both of these solutions is to continuously exchange a token with each request between the browser and the server. This requires a marked shift from earlier views, in which enterprise applications were seen as a set of databases and user interfaces.


professional java server programming allamaraju

In the last few years, this programming model has gained tremendous popularity, as it is the model that is driving the externally visible portions of electronic commerce.

In a given enterprise, it is easy to spot various clients and servers that rely on connections for communications. These JSRs indicate some of the future directions of Java technologies.

But, what happens in the case of remote objects? The most commonly used beans.

Professional Java Server Programming J2EE Edition by Subrahmanyam Allamaraju

Without both of these, it mava impossible for the sender to send a message when the recipient is not available to receive it. Execute some logic available with a different application.

professional java server programming allamaraju

Today, J2EE is the de facto standard for building server-side and Internet applications using Java and is endorsed by several vendors offering J2EE-compatible application servers. Prigramming a bean is stateful, for each active client, the container will be required to maintain a separate instance, thus leading to increased memory usage on the container process.

Professional Java server programming : J2EE 1.3 edition

Alternatively, the Web server could map a request, such as http: This level deals with preventing unknown or unauthorized users from accessing server-side applications. ObjectNotFoundException indicating that no rows exist in the database for the given primary key. The goal of this programming model is, therefore, to make the programming task as close as possible to programming local objects.

That is, it is up to the implementation of an HTTP server to implement the logic or provide a programming model and framework such that you can plug-in programs to process HTTP requests.


The ability to manage sessions.

professional java server programming allamaraju

If subsequent methods on this object depend on the value stored in the instance variable, the communication is stateful; that is, the server should make sure that the same instance is being used for all requests from a given client. Refresh and try again. While a strict definition of deployment is outside the scope of this article, in simple terms, deployment is the process of adding your applications to a J2EE platform.

As enterprises migrate allamafaju closed and isolated applications to more transparent, networked, and service-oriented applications to enable electronic business transactions, server-side technologies ssrver a more prominent place.

Chenna Vidhya marked it as to-read Mar 30, Custom logic execution during HTTP request-response process. These three cases illustrate some of the typical scenarios that require solutions based on server-side applications. This defines operations between databases and transaction managers such that databases can register themselves with the transaction manager and the transaction manager can interact with databases to coordinate transactions.

In order to prevent this, it is necessary to guarantee data confidentiality and integrity.