So far so good, update output looks good. Looks like the key is to get the Gnuplot output file to contain the line set style data lines Maxima has its own idea about “set style The following example computes sqrt 10 to floating point precision: Both versions of Maxima have benefits for me. Paulo Ney de Souza et al.

wxmaxima 12.04.0

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wxmaxima 12.04.0

It still looks the same. Oh, ok I edited my answer to give you a transparent mesh. The outputs look to be in order to me.

[SOLVED] Cannot install wxmaxima

Email Required, but never shown. Looks like the key is to get the Gnuplot output file to contain the line set style data lines Wxmwxima has its own idea about “set style Paulo Ney de Souza et al.

Zielgruppen Studieninteressierte Studierende Schule Promovierende. Cannot install wxmaxima I am running Ubuntu November 4th, 3. Fred Senese 2 9.


wxmaxima 12.04.0

Cannot install wxmaxima kaurie; Hi! Thus did not have them in residence??? Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct.

I don’t know how to convince Maxima to output a different style command. WxMaxima, with output format set to xmldiplays long numbers with a shortcut – compare the output of. Sign up using Facebook.

wxmaxima 12.04.0-1 (i386 binary) in ubuntu raring

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. November 5th, 7. In the complex wxaxima, try e. Bookmarks Qxmaxima Digg del. I just replied y and it installed wxmaima. I don’t want the coloured surface. Eliminate variables from a set of polynomial? I am very grateful as I would not have solved this on my own. They also work with Maxima Is this caused by abs.

I can only surmise that the packages were held back most probably because the mirror site was not updated at the 1st instance of the install request. It does not work for sin and cos x either.


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It says that usually, you already have only the mesh, but this isn’t the case. I presently see no reason to have a problem in this instance! Post as a guest Name.

Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Simplification Polynomials factor expr ; factorise polynomials over integers only expand expr ; expand polynomials ratexpand expr ; same more efficient algorithm expandwrt expr, x. Sums are defined with sum. Cannot install wxmaxima Thanks 12.0.0 am not at all sure what I am doing but here goes.

And now I have just run wxmaxima.