MobyGames Wikipedia Part of group: Installable from CD or image and runs great even past intro. Found this very annoying. Figures, the moment I post something here as playable, everyone else has a problem with it. Can someone put up their config file or email it to me, because I sure as hell can’t get it to work.. I have a Soundblaster Live bit card in my machine. When you are ready to play the game I had to unmount the CD drive and remount it this time with no extra arguments.

xatax game for windows xp

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The Game works great with version 0.

This is a tricky one and I didn’t get it working without a fight. When you are ready to play the game I had to unmount the CD drive and remount it this time with no extra arguments.

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My version of the game has a file called sndstart. Sounds work but were choppy with default settings. After, you can then delete the fake CD rom mount without issue.


First of all, thanks for making this wibdows emulator. Apocalyspe CD rip version floating around on the torrent sites. I installed to the default C: PART 11 First I set core to auto and cycles to max. It gives the black screen of death. Please, can anybody help to run Apocalypse? Changing DMA to 3 does not fix the mouse problem in my case.

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To get it vame, you have to make sure when installing that your mounted CD drive is set to CDROM mode By adding the -t cdrom commands to the mount command at the end. Go to install directory and run xcomapoc.

xatax game for windows xp

This vessel is humanity’s last and only hope. It lets you install and run many DOS games and applications directly from its interface without ever touching a DOS prompt.

The aliens began to attack the planets of the galactic Alliance, consuming the life force of their inhabitants and growing stronger after each victory. I ran mount -cd and only F: After that nothing, ive left it for like 10 minutes and it doesnt get to the next screen. Works fine on v fof. Now playable Im using XP so it should be fine.


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The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere. I have to rectify my 1st statement about not able to run on 64 bit OS. Intro, game, sound, mouse, Alt-Tab PART 17 After fixing this by the no-cd crack all runs great!

To start use bwing. Game video Download Adobe Flash Player.

xatax game for windows xp

Im up to the xztax where im attacking the aliens in their dimension, I send through my craft, land at the structure, click on the structure, select my units, then click the raid building button or the other one. I bought XCom apocalypse on steam only installs on windows. And a bit ironic that here we are in emulating software and hardware from 10 years.

xatax game for windows xp

Crashing on Combat Under 0. Xcom versions