If you hear the rest of the songs on this tape, you understand that this is probably commonplace in the crowd this type of music is catering to. You can help get this video many more votes by sharing this video with your friends. I liked their song on the Oorah Shmorg CD, last year. I think Eight Day has it correct Kansas City Jewish Chronicle. Onkelus – the difference is that “moadim lesimha” is the traditional Sephardic greeting, while “hag sameah” is not nor is it very Sephardi. We need to be strong.

yalili 8th day

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So the equivalent Ashkenazi term would be “a gut yontif”. Articles with hCards Articles created via the Article Wizard. The beat and rythm is so great. Home News Breaking News Video: Just enjoy the music and its message. For advertising opportunities, please email advertise jewishlyrics.

yalili 8th day

The first scenes of the video are what? Eli Marcus later went on to become a solo artist with his debut studio album “Dovid HaMelech” released in Now its time to learn than song at any cost even my tongue doesn’t support From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sh’te’hey l’mazal Sefardi, “im yirtze Hashem by dir” Ashkenazi its I”yh by you.


A yali,i correct lyrics: BenShaul, why do you have internet in the first place? The video completely takes place in one supermarket — Pomegranate. Just that these words are not sung quickly, but the Yiddish language has transformed the hebrew words into a contracted single word: He created the amazing video, Antz, aylili animated work of art with some of the best voices in Hollywood. Sephardim would say “moadim lesimcha” on a Yom Tov, while ashkenazim would say “a gut yontiv”.

8th Day Yalili Live in LA

Since when do we align ourselves with how many hits a music video gets? Tuesday, August yalli, The O is there as a musical note only.

yalili 8th day

Feel free to “snoop around”, comment, or request Jewish Lyrics. Jina Jina is Moroccan originated song.

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This page was last edited on 3 Augustat Subscribe To Posts Atom. The Director, Larry Guterman is a real creative genius. Sincere thanks to everyone Onkelus – the difference is that “moadim lesimha” is the traditional Sephardic greeting, while “hag sameah” is not nor is it very Sephardi. When he says sephardi, it sounds like he’s saying O-sepha-ra-di, which I’m sure is incorrect.


I guess “bentchen by dir” means “blessing on you”. The name evokes the holiday of Shemini Atzeret the “8th day 8yh assembly”which is also Shmuel Marcus’ birthday, and the idea of the number 8 evoking “transcendence”.

“Yalili” by 8th Day: The official music video – supermarket video

Retrieved from ” https: Yallii band chose its name with an eye to being “abstract” and “cool”. We have to stand together especially with the Fogel family and everything that is going on in Israel today. Brothers Shmuel and Bentzion Marcus, both nephews of singer Avraham Fried and cousins of singer Benny Friedmangrew up in a musically-inclined family and began collaborating incay Bentzi, a professional bassistputting music to lyrics Shmuel had written.

Can someone transliterate how they’re pronouncing sephardi? The boy singing, maybe it is not a boy singing but a girl.